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03/03/2011 / butterflyexperience

A Magpie’s Eye

I consider myself to be a visual person meaning for me I think in pictures and where memories come back to me in pictures. For me this also means I enjoy all that sparkles especially jewellery.

I love the shapes, the colours, the design how jewellery feels, how it looks when I wear it and how glamorous I feel in owning and wearing it.

I do not discriminate with my love of jewellery and enjoy both imitation and precious owning a mixture of the two.

So perhaps it is no surprise that the idea of becoming a jewellery designer excites me and the only surprise being is that it took me so long to reach this decision.

I can’t wait to start and have lots ideas.


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  1. Average Jo / Mar 9 2011 10:27 am

    My husband enlisted the help of a jewellery designer to have my wedding jewellery custom made for me as a suprise. It was beautiful.
    I’ve always loved doing arty things, and i LOVE sparkly things,i have often thought it would be lovely to design jewellery, unfortunately though i lack the skills and at the moment the time too. I’m very jealous of you but think it sounds great. Best of luck xx

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