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23/05/2011 / butterflyexperience

The Green Board Game Co Games Review

I have been asked by The Green Board Game Co to review 3 of their Brain Box range games.

So, my 3 year old daughter R and I sat down one rainy day to play a few games and this is how we got on….

The first game we took a look at was Where’s my home?

To be honest I don’t find the packaging eye-catching and if I was browsing in a shop would not have picked this out as visually it looks cheep.  However it is a good game and daughter R has really enjoyed playing with it and the game has opened conversation on where animals come from in the world and their habitat e.g the desert.

Size of game is good and portable and has already made the journey down south to Nan’s house.  The boards and animal squares are of a good thickness and are wipeable for any kid messes.

Next game is My First Pictures.

Again not great packaging on however again a great memory game. Daughter R loves playing this and is surprisingly good at it!  I first thought some of the questions may be to hard for her but she is observant and gets it right almost 90% of the time.
Pictures are nice and clear and allow us to discuss what takes place in certain situations e.g you have cake and presents at a birthday party.

Good game to take away on holiday bit bulky for hand luggage but would sit perfect in a suitcase.

Final game review is for: Squiggle Ocean – On the Go

Packaging I like!  Eye-catching, interesting and interactive with the spinner wheel.

A good game for travels, fits into my nappy/handbag.  Daughter R likes this as she loves her arts & crafts, however I did feel it was a little too old for her but then she has only just turned 3 and the age on the game says 4+.

She gave her best shot and her doodle of a starfish is in the top left corner which she said also looks like the sun.

The sea animals on the spinner wheel also gave us a chance to talk about sea life and look up what they look like on the internet.

Overall I think the games are great as they are little different to what I normally would have chosen and best of all they are educational.  My only advise to The Green Board Game Co is: work on the outer packaging.

Thank you for sending us such brilliant games!



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  1. Average Jo / May 24 2011 10:55 am

    My daughter would probably like the Ocean game, she is obsessed with all things marine ! 😉

  2. Average Jo / May 24 2011 10:55 am

    Sorry that was meant to be a smile, not a wink !

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