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25/05/2011 / butterflyexperience


I love to create whether this be though website design or cooking.

I feel a sense of fulfilment  when I sit back and look at how I spent the day and am able to share my handiwork with others.  I enjoy the problem solving and wondering of how I will tackle a task and love to learn new skills.

Earlier this year I came across a craft group who were just starting up and I was lucky to make it to the first session.

In the handful of sessions that have been held I have met some lovely ladies who are very talented at anything they put their had too.  Me, I just give it ago and hope for the best!

So far we have crocheted which made for a very, very funny evening as only the host could crochet so spent 2 hours tutoring 4 useless novices how to crochet a flower broach.

Over the next sessions we have made earrings, beaded bracelets, cards and held a session at a pottery paint shop.

We have lots of other projects planned and I hope to learn new skills and make new friends.



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  1. mum of all trades / May 27 2011 8:30 am

    I love my weekly craft class, it is so relaxing to sit and chat and craft.

    • butterflyexperience / May 27 2011 10:07 am

      I know the feeling, after spending all day running after the little ones it’s wonderful to get a moment to sit and have adult conversation, sheer bliss 🙂

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