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03/07/2011 / butterflyexperience

Idylic Childhood

Playing all day long, laughing until my sides hurt over something ridiculous, never leaving my best friends side, riding my bike in autumn where the wind would chill my cheeks and cherishing the 2 pence found in the street which would buy a sweet from the local corner shop.

All wonderful childhood memories that when I look back on bring a wistful smile to my face.

Part of my stay at home mum ideal is to give the opportunity to my own children to have amazing experiences that hopefully one day when they look back on their childhood they too will have wonderful memories.

My eldest R was given a bike for her 3rd birthday which to be honest she still has to fall in love with. I presumed that from my own love of bike riding as a child she would automatically take to it, which so far hasn’t been the case.

Which is fine, I don’t force her and hopefully she will take to bike riding when she is ready.

I often look back on the day we have all spent together and tick off a mental good kid day list in my head.

Crafting – check
Baking – check
Reading – check
Friends – check

It sounds barmy and possible helicopter patenting, but it allows me to feel that the day has had some value to it.

As I sit here and watch R role play with cars and dolls, I truly hope I am giving opportunity for her to have an amazing childhood and look back when she’s all grown for her to have her own wistful smile on her face.



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