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03/01/2012 / butterflyexperience

Janathon 2012 – Day 3

Today regressed slightly back to having children who do not sleep in the night, so this morning a little worse for ware I missed my morning run and instead took the children to our local libary on bus and walked back home with one child who loved splashing puddles and the other tantruming child who refused to wear the following: jumper, coat, socks or shoes, in windy cold weather.

Note to passer bys:  I am not a neglectful or abusive mother, I just have a 19 month old who has discovered the joys of tantrum.

So instead of logging my run, I’m logging my walk.


2.4 K Walk

30 mins – ish (with 2 small children)

Shred to be competed when children are in bed.

Update on Shred:  DONE – pushups are still pants


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