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07/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

My Journey so far

Lunar Moth Jewellery Table Dispaly

Lunar Moth Jewellery Table Dispaly

The children have turned 4 + 2 which has made life so much easier with the baby finally sleeping through the night and the girls can play together allowing me enough time to myself that I’m able to get some head space.

I’ve finally got some sort of social life and I’m even hosting a Mum’s Night in on Saturday with a spot of dinner and wine, to which I’m hugely looking forward to.

And of course my Jewellery making has been nothing short of amazing.  

It’s been quite some journey.  Almost 2 years ago I had an idea that maybe I wanted to make Jewellery and turn it into a business.

That was all I had, an idea.

I applied to the Princes Trust for funding and got through, where I was given a loan for £2000, just enough to get my business off the grounds.

I told literally a handful of people what my idea was.  I was afraid that people would ridicule me on my dream so kept everything close to my chest.

Then came the video interview which blew the roof off of everything.

The response I received was amazing.

Family and friends were so supportive more than I could have ever have hoped for.  They gave me the encouragement in my dream that just maybe I could pull it all off.

So here I now am making Jewellery for my Jewellery business: Lunar Moth Jewellery, 8 craft fairs under my belt, a dedicated Website, a Facebook page and even receiving commission’s.

I can genuienlly say that I’m loving what I do and still can’t belive that people like my jewellery enough to buy it.




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  1. Julie Rose / Jun 7 2012 9:53 pm

    Well done, fantastic!! It can only go from strength to strength.
    Enjoy the dinner & wine 🙂

    • butterflyexperience / Jun 8 2012 6:01 am

      Thank you very much 🙂
      Most of the time I really can’t believe it!!

  2. thoughtsfromthekitchensink / Jun 8 2012 10:54 am

    Wow, so lovely to hear how you’ve been doing. Fantastic news that the business is going so well, a massive well done and congratulations to you. So good to hear 🙂 xxxx

    • butterflyexperience / Jun 8 2012 11:27 am

      Thank you Jo 🙂
      I am looking forward to catching up with you, i often think of you x

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