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10/05/2013 / thebutterflyexperience

30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


Not sure if this photo does my bump justice, but its big!

Today was scan day and the babies are both over 3lbs, hurrah! I’m so pleased they are growing well as they should.

I have started to have some painful Braxton Hicks in my back and across tummy but I know it’s all fine as I have no other early labour symptoms.

I’m not anaemic which is good but I do get breathless easily and have lost my appetite quite a bit but have been reassured that this is all down to the babies squishing up my insides.

Oh and the naughty little monkeys are now both breech!

Not sure if that matters as they shall both be coming out the sunroof way…

8 weeks left to go…


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  1. julie rose / May 12 2013 7:57 pm

    Awww congratulations!! Haven’t seen any posts from you in ages. All the best x

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