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23/04/2013 / thebutterflyexperience

27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


And there’s the proof at my 12 week scan. (Why do they always look like aliens at this stage?)
Came as quite a shock to me too let me tell you!

Even through I had an odd feeling thought the pregnancy, as if I felt more connected to the whole twinage thing.

I even asked the sonographer during the scan if it was twins. She laughed and said she hadn’t said anything yet!

So I shall have 4 children altogether. To many of you this may seem like a small family and to many who I have told in RL I am greeted with stunned faces who know that it would be just too much for them.

For me I was initially over the moon, delirious with happiness and excitement.

This lasted about a week, and then reality set in…

How the hell would I cope?

No family nearby to help, friends yes however everyone has their own family to look after and I can not burden them with my own struggles.

R had started just started school and P had started preschool both in September which was amazing and I felt like a normal human being again. ( Who knew being a SAHM would be so demanding hey?!)

I did want another child. I most definitely did not feel ‘done’ with 2 children. So another pregnancy was always on the cards it was just a matter of when.

After the initial excitement had calmed I started to panic.

What if there was a problem with the babies?
How could I look after 4 children?
How would I cope with the sleep deprivation?
What about my older children? How would it effect them?
What the hell was my body going to turn into? (Have you seen a pregnant twin ladies bump in 3rd trimester?!)
What about my independence?
The cost?
My business?
How would people react?

It was all just going round and round in my head.

With my girls pregnancies I found there was vast amount if information on normal pregnancies and births but for twins not so much.

I’m an info junkie. If I need to know something I go and find out. Not the case this time. This really screwed with my head. It made me feel mentally out of control.

I have also found that Midwifes are not so clued up either as I guess they don’t come across multiple pregnancies very often.

This pregnancy has also been much harder than my others due to it being twins.

The all day sickness lasting until 19 weeks (yeah that was fun), the sheer exhaustion, the psychological drain and the physical pains.

I’ve also had to put on hold much of my jewellery business as I just couldn’t cope. That has been tough as I miss it so much.

I know I am very lucky to be having twins and it is an amazing blessing.

But I also now know its no walk in the park.

One thing I’m great full for is the additional support I have been receiving from maternity support units. Extra scans and extra appointments as multiple pregnancies and births are considered to be of higher risk than singletons.

My next scan is at the end of this week and I’m quite excited to be seeing the babies. I get so much comfort from knowing they are ok and it helps me to bond with them.

Next scan pic will be of the babies at 28 weeks. I shall post a pic and if I’m feeling brave enough maybe even a bump pic 😉

23/04/2013 / thebutterflyexperience

A Cheeky Hello to the Blogging World

So hello to everyone!

I’ve been away for almost a year which some of it was down to technical issues and some… well I shall just have to surprise you in my next posts 🙂

18/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

A Creative Soul

I am creative.

I am visual.

I am problem solving.

I enjoy beauty

I enjoy harmony

I enjoy tastes, sounds, experiences, adventures & touch.

I need to give & receive Love

I need all this for my soul to be at peace.

It makes me smile, makes me content, makes me live every day to the full.

It makes me a better person.

What does it do for you?


16/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

My 1st 10K run today…

Was completed in: 1hr & 11 mins – Whoo hoo for me!

I am so chuffed as this was a real accomplishment for me.  I have to admit though I was rather naughty and did not train for it <slap on wrist>

Had a bit of tummy upset via dodgy bbq food from the bank holiday weekend which left me feeling rather sensitive.

I found the run hard in some places especially 1K-4K, but perserved and completed my 1st ever 10K run


Am now looking for the next 10K run which seems to be a Race for Life, for which I WILL train for.

14/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

Listen in to me on the Radio tonight!


My Radio interview is on tonight at 8:00pm, please listen in if you can!

God I hope I don’t make a tit of myself…

I’m really excited.

One of my dreams as a 10 year old was to become a D.J when I grew up.  I used to love listening to Chris Tarent on Capital FM back in the day and really got into music at that age.

So this is kinda a dream come true for me.  I wonder what the booth will look like? Will I have to wear one of those huge headsets and speak into a big fluffy mike?

I will take a camera with me and post up pics .

Wish me luck!


11/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

A Brag about what the Husband made…

How fab is it!!

Although I am slightly conserned about the 2 meter climb he’s made!

Also to be added are the barriers and telescope!

08/06/2012 / butterflyexperience

Radio Gaa Gaa – My first Radio Interview!

Oh my gosh I am going to be interviewd by a loca radio station next week about Lunar Moth Jewellery!!!


I’m holding a stall at an event called Splash Dance 2012 in Nottingham and the sponsers wanted to promote their craft stalls so I of course said ‘ME ME ME ME!”

So if you can, listen in Thursday 14th June at 8:00am on 97.5 Kemet FM.